Elevator Constructions in Corfu

Our company for several years has been manufacturing elevators for industrial and also private use. The elevators, according to their operating mechanism, are divided into two categories, hydraulic and electromechanical. Each type is ideal for certain situations. So our company analyzes in detail your needs and recommends the ideal solutions.

Various types of elevators

  • Hydraulic lifts
  • Electromechanical lifts
  • Cargo elevators and load support type
  • Exterior lifts
  • Inner space elevators
  • Elevators for people
  • Well elevators
  • Industrial, factory and craft industry elevators
  • Business elevators, for shops and business premises
  • Hotel elevators
  • Apartment buildings elevators

In any case of lift construction we provide guarantees for smooth operation, technical support and future maintenance.

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