Custom cuts

We offer a wide range of special cuts for all occasions and needs of our customers. The large dimensions pantographs we have are equipped with waterjet, plasma and oxygen cutting heads. In simple words we can cut any material at the lowest cost possible and with the desired characteristics, such as the cutting speed and the cutting accuracy.

Water Jet Cutting System

  • Economical cutting form
  • Friendly to the environment and to humans
  • Unlimited range of complex cutting designs
  • High cutting accuracy
  • Minimum stress (thermal) of the material
  • Top cutting quality that results in the minimization of the processing steps. (Saves us from further processing due to burrs, etc.)
  • Unlimited range of cutting materials. In waterjet cutting we have the ability to cut any type of material, from stainless metals up to cutting and processing marble.


Cutting with high-definition plasma (Plasma High Definition)

  • Precise cuts
  • Minimum distortion due to low temperature
  • Easy to use
  • It is suitable for cutting materials such as steel, painted steel, stainless steel materials, copper and galvanized steel


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