Cranes (industrial cranes construction)

The company “Metallika Ktiria Kerkyras” in addition to being active in the field of metal construction it also specializes in the construction of cranes. Cranes are found in industrial undertakings where the need to move large and heavy objects and materials is great. Based on the needs of our clients and the specific features of their business premises, we plan cranes with the following characteristics:

  • Ergonomy
  • Safety
  • Elegance
  • Functionality
  • Quality
  • Seamless installation
  • Issuance of Certificate of suitability
  • Guaranteed maintenance
  • Technical assistance
  • Spare parts Coverage
  • Variety of equipment
  • Proper Service Guarantee for 12 months


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Crane types

According to the needs of towing and the limitations they offer the cranes are divided into several types.

  • Single carrier cranes
  • Double carrier cranes
  • Web cranes
  • Seated or standalone support cranes
  • Pillar type cranes
  • Semi- pillar type cranes
  • Rotational cranes with support to a wall or a pillar
  • Οverhead type cranes, for cases of limited floor space. (Low hanging cranes)
  • Climbing type cranes

Technical characteristics of cranes

The manufacturing value of the crane depends on its technical characteristics

  • Telecommand (wireless and wired)
  • Βridge opening (m)
  • Βridge path (m)
  • Lifting capacity (kg & ton)
  • Hook elevation height (m)
  • Crane and Winch speeds (m / min)

FAQ – Regarding Industrial Bridge cranes

The type of crane that meets your needs results from an analysis of your business requirements , such as the maximum lifting capacity and dimensions of the crane’s installation space. The study department of our company is responsible for the guidance of our customers for the choice of the right crane.
The maintenance needs of a crane should not worry you, since we are able to cover the part of the maintenance and the possible upgrading reliably, with a properly trained staff. We are responsible for the smooth function of the crane with regard to the mechanical parts and electrical and electronic uploads such as the remote control of a crane. .
The cranes require the usage of safety knowledge in order to avoid accidents and some technical knowledge to reduce stress on the mechanisms. Of course, our company undertakes the full training of your staff and the continuous and immediate support on technical matters.
ΑThis depends on the type of crane you choose. In situations where we limit the amount of available workplace we recommend the overhead type of cranes which are based exclusively on high places of our establishment so we do not have additional workplace losses.
In the manufacture of cranes prices vary depending on the technical characteristics of the crane. Our company greatly reduces the cost of such a construction because of the advanced technologies used and we invite you to request your own offer at: 26610 36062 and online at:

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