Machinery manufacture & machinery parts

Machinery manufacture in Corfu

Our company undertakes the construction of machinery and machinery parts. We can manufacture any type of metal component. The manufacture of components having vast abrasion and high cost is our strong point. Such components are typically found in the agricultural, industrial and construction sector. We have the ability to manufacture any metal or stainless spare

We manufacture and repair

  • Tillers accessories, found in excavations (hoes and spades)
  • Components for soil processing, are found in plows and tractors
  • Shredder components
  • Lathes components for engineering workshops
  • Milling cutters components
  • Metal piercing components
  • Flanges for vehicles and trucks
  • Components for biological treatments
  • Parts of heavy machinery

Your profit

Your profits from assigning the construction of these parts to our company are:

  • The low costs, up to 40% of the normal cost
  • We create exact copies




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