Sheet metal Cutting & forming

A very important service of our company is the cutting and forming of sheet metal in large dimensions.

Having the necessary machinery equipment and cutting-edge software, we can cover all your needs in metal cutting and formative processes regardless of the dimension and the desired final shape.

Creating sheet metal profile

A very important feature we offer in the processing of sheet metal, is the creation of sheet metal profiles. The construction of a profile serves several instances such as the creation of an edge on a stainless frame to nestle within the glass or even in cases of manufacturing mass caterer’s cooking utensils such as pans etc.

Sheet metal processing stages

  • Engravings (Digital)
  • Cutting
  • Piercing (The jabs have the ability to have any form, eg. polygon)
  • Welding (if necessary)
  • Final finishing
  • Fitting

Sheet metal cutting dimensions

Pantograph 7,5 m x 2,5 m

  • Cutting table dimensions: LENGTH 7,5 m x WIDTH 3,0 m
  • Cutting dimensions: LENGTH 7,0 m x WIDTH 2,5 m

Pantograph 2,2 m x 12 m

  • Cutting table dimensions: LENGTH WIDTH 7,5 m x 3,0 m
  • Cutting dimensions: LENGTH WIDTH 7,0 m x 2,5 m

Sheet metal cutting machines and Equipment

  • Oxy-fuel Cutting 7 m x 2,5 m. Cutting with oxygen is the ideal type for cutting materials with great thickness at low cost.
  • CNC cutting Pantograph for large dimensions 7 m x 2,5 m with plasma high definition (Plasma HD). Also for thick and low cost cuts, with the only difference that here we have superior
  • cutting quality and high precision.
  • CNC Waterjet 7 m x 2,5 m
  • CNC cutting pantograph for large dimensions 2,20 m x 12 m
  • CNC pantograph of cutting large dimensions 2,20 m x 12 m
  • Corner cutter 8mm with a variable cutting angle. The cutting angle range is from 30 ° to 175 °
  • NC Shears 4m / 8 mm.


Sheet metal forming machines and Equipment

  • CNC Cylinder 4m / 10mm
  • NC Sheet bending machine 4m / 10mm



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