LIRITIS Products

Πόρτες πυρασφάλειας
Our company, having the exclusive representation of LIRITIS products in Corfu, has you covered in the following range of products

  • Domestic garage doors
  • Domestic aluminum shutters
  • Security shutters
  • Yard gates
  • Sectional industrial doors
  • Parking barrier bars
  • Shelters
  • Folding railings


Domestic garage doors

Domestic garage doors in a variety of colors, materials and designs with the guarantee of the German company Novoferm.

  • Split type metal garage doors
  • One-piece metal garage doors
  • Novoport: sectional garage door system with integrated automatic mechanism
  • Wooden sectional garage doors
  • One-piece wooden garage doors
  • Vivoport: one-piece door system with integrated automatic mechanism

Domestic aluminum shutters

Domestic rolls from the internationally renowned company LIRITIS now in Corfu

Security shutters

Ρολλά ασφαλείας
Security shutters from metal and aluminum of all types for residents, and industrial and professional areas. The rolls are divided into the following categories:

  • Open-type (perforated and net type)
  • Closed type
  • Single walled
  • Double walled with insulation
  • With flat profile
  • With convex profile

Yard gates

Our company in cooperation with LIRITIS presents you the electric aluminum ALGATE gates and installs them for you upon order.

  • LTA – Automatically opening aluminum gate, closed-type
  • LKS – Automatically opening aluminum gate with vertical ribbed square section design


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