Advantages of metal buildings

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In this article we will present the advantages of metal buildings. We will also mention the pros and cons of steel versus the concrete (cement) and we will highlight the points which make metal building constructions stand out. Let’s start with the “strong” points of steel.

Capability for larger uniform spaces

With steel we can limit the columns needed in a construction either this construction is a house or an industrial building. This happens because with steel girders we have the capability to support greater load thus not needing unnecessary columns. As we all know the uniform areas are more functional, easy to use and practical.

Earthquake resistant constructions

The earthquake resistance that the metal building constructions provide are due to the technological development of metallurgy and the elastic properties of steel. Compared to concrete steel is quite more flexible as not to be strained by the vibration of an earthquake. The concrete on the other hand is vulnerable to cracking and thus vulnerable to the earthquake itself.

Lighter weight

The weight of metal building constructions is considerably smaller than that of concrete structures. This is a positive aspect not only in terms of the cost but also the earthquake resistance of the building.

Lower cost

The steel costs are not sufficiently different to that of the concrete. However a metal building construction is quite cheaper than a respective construction with concrete. This is because the skeleton of the metal building is constructed inside a factory and there is a reduced manufacturer’s contribution to IKA due to sheltered profession issues.

Faster Completion

The completion rate of a metal building is greater. The skeleton, as already mentioned, is manufactured within the factory and this leaves unaffected, by weather conditions, the rapid and proper construction of our project.

Recyclable Buildings

Another positive aspect of steel structures is their recyclability. If, for various reasons, the building must cease to exist, then the owner manages to get back the money that has been spent on the purchase of steel. That is possible even if there is a necessity for the building to be displaced, but only in case of a metal building construction, not a concrete building.


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