compaSince the establishment of the company in 1992 during the last 20 years the ny Metallika Ktiria Kerkyras has been dynamically active in the metal construction field has received grants from 3 Investment Programs of the European Union for investing in developed technology regarding heavy steel constructions.

Infrastructures/ Equipment

A privately owned area of 2500m², in the region Thesi Kapetaniou at Ethniki Achilleiou 75 with housed production and office spaces covering 1800m².

Total Equipment

3 overhead cranes that allow parallel work at different levels
Welding system with submerged arc (for welding variable cross-sections )
3 Water-Cooled Welding Machines (600 Amp)
CNC pantograph for cutting large metal sheets 2,20 m x 12 m
CNC pantograph for large cutting (7 m x 2,5 m) with plasma high definition
CNC Waterjet 7 m x 2,5 m (with the ability of cutting all kinds of materials)
CNC pantograph 3D 2,5 m x 2,5 m (with the ability of manufacturing molds)
CNC Automatic beams Drilling 2,20 m x 12 m (with 2 drilling heads)
Steel cutting Saws (2)
NC Shears 4m / 8mm
NC Pressbreaker 4m / 10mm
Hydraulic CNC 3-cylinder sheet metal roller 4m / 10mm
Hydraulic Corner cutting machine 8mm with a variable cutting angle
Three-axle crane Truck (ΗΙΑΒ 33tnm)
Bucket Crane
High standards sandblasting and dyeing ability
Static analysis programs and production plans INSTANT, STRUCAD



Our company has a number of capabilities not often found in the field of steel structures, both in the area of steel buildings construction and in composite structures (houses). We should not neglect the ability to manufacture any metal machine part, agricultural machinery, heavy vehicles as well as the processing of marble undertaken by our company in Corfu. The marble processing requires specific knowledge on the subject and passion, elements of our company in this additional area.

Elements of our company

  • Continuous and strict supervision of our projects by experienced engineers
  • Experienced, qualified staff which trains continuously
  • Compliance with the safety standards and the environmental protection
  • Modern and thus conserved equipment
  • Quality control at all stages of development of each project
  • Expertise
  • Experience
  • We use technological innovations
  • New proposals

Affordable buildings using cross section welders

Our company manufactures steel buildings with welded cross-sections .The recent completion of the investment, which included the welding unit facility installation, with the submerged arc method and the pantograph, allows us to manufacture beam of variable heights. In combination with the use of highly durable steel [(S355) instead of ordinary S235 & S275 and the design department, we are given the ability to manufacture more affordable buildings in relation to those that use standardized beams.

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