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The establishments

Private land of 2500m², located at the region Thesi Kapetaniou at Ethniki Achilliou 75 in Corfu The roofed production and office space are covering 1800m².

Total Equipment briefly

  • 3 cranes that allow parallel work at different levels
  • Welding system with submerged arc (for welding variable sections )
  • 3 Water Cooled Welding Machines (600 Amp)
  • CNC pantograph for cutting large metal sheets 2,20 m x 12 m
  • CNC pantograph for cutting large metal sheets (7,0 m x 2,5 m) with plasma high definition
  • CNC Waterjet 7 m x 2,5 m (with the ability of cutting all kinds of materials)
  • CNC pantograph 3D 2,5 m x 2,5 m (with the ability of manufacturing molds)
  • CNC Automatic beams Drilling 2,20 m x 12 m (with 2 drilling heads)
  • Steel cutting Saws (2)
  • NC Shears 4m / 8mm
  • NC Pressbreaker 4m / 10mm
  • Hydraulic CNC 3-cylinder sheet metal roller 4m / 10mm
  • Hydraulic Corner cutting machine 8mm with a variable cutting angle
  • Three-axle crane Truck (ΗΙΑΒ 33tnm)
  • Bucket Crane
  • High standards sandblasting and dyeing ability
  • Static analysis programs and plans production INSTANT, STRUCAD

Our equipment in detail

CNC Pantograph large for cutting large metal sheets (7,0 m x 2,5 m) features:

  • Two (2) oxygen heads
  • Two (2) Plasma heads
  • One (1) waterjet head
  • Advanced automatic materials installation program (auto nesting system) and thus the least possible loss of material is achieved
  • Also the pantograph is supported by new generation american CNC technology BURNY and is moved by servo motor with minimum step movement 360 ° / 3000 thus we achieve very high precision cuts.


Pantograph dimensions

Cutting table dimensions: LENGTH 7,5 m x WIDTH 3,0 m

Cutting dimensions: LENGTH 7,0 m x WIDTH 2,5 m


CNC pantograph for cutting large metal sheets (2,20 m x 12 m) features two (2) heads:

Head 1

  • It features a hydraulic restraint vice
  • Provides complete control over drilling speed and hydraulic propulsion (immersion)
  • It has the capability of digital indication of the drilling speed and propulsion
  • Drill’s rotational speed 20 rpm – 6.000 rpm
  • Operating Frequency 12-50 Hrz
  • Capable of processing any material

Head 2

  • It features a high-pitched motor driven by inverter
  • Engine power 10 hp
  • Operating frequency greater than 400 Hrz
  • Rotational speed 500 rpm – 20.000 rpm

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